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An Overview Of Master Clock For Universities – Know The Important Aspects

An Overview Of Master Clock For Universities – Know The Important Aspects


Universities and schools are the places where you cannot neglect the need to set up a master clock system for synchronizing the rest slave clocks. An organized setup indicates a well-synched time structure to design and follow a routine. The high-performance network master clocks in a university exhibit and distributes the time-related information to the rest of the setup.


Time accuracy in a university – Understanding the role.


Public administration buildings, schools, and universities need to adhere to a structured daily routine. It is vital to guarantee efficient functionality every day. The professors, teachers, students, university employees, and all visitors depend on the time for ensuring punctuality. The displayed time is the reference everyone needs to follow. 


Another reason for the installation of a master clock is for the different subsystems. The distinct time sub-systems in a university can include IT equipment, fire alarms or routine bell control systems, etc. All these slave clocks need to interact with the master clock and each other to for ensuring smooth functionality and zero chances of mismatch.  


Benefits of accurate time – The university's perspective


The time reference and accurate time provided by the master clock are effective in more than one way for the universities. The setup of the master clock with the rest of the system of clocks and timers makes it ideal for the university to run hassle-free. Besides this, there are other reasons that make a master clock indispensable at a university. 


  • Reliability – A master clock sets the time from the hardware interface and utilizes the critical protocols. Hence the chances of getting the wrong time and frequency are impossible with the master clocks. As a result, reliability is an advantage of the master clock in a university. 
  • Synchronization – Imagine a mismatch in the recess bells and timers in a university or school! The chaos created by such a mismatched and disorganized time setup can be impactful on the functionality. So, synchronization is vital for time accuracy. 
  • Discipline – Any academic institution needs a well-defined routine and disciplined structure for ensuring the best functionality. A master clock offering time reference to the slave clocks helps eliminate the flaws. IT network, data exchange, backup database, CCTV, access control, and slave clocks – all need the master clock for optimal functionality. 



NTP synchronization in master clocks


Master clocks in universities use the Network Time Protocol (NTP) for supervising all the sub-systems, like - CCTV, IT system, Access Control, Car Park, etc. In a university, there may be hundreds of NTP slave clocks, and those can get synchronized from an exclusive timeserver or master clock, connected to a network. If there is a failure in connection with GPS for a master clock, the redundant use of NTP servers can bring the solution. The auto-switch within the slave and master clock setup enhances the security and authenticity of the time in a university.


Master and slave clock – How does it function?


The NTP-based master clocks and the slave digital clocks are apt for the time synchronization requirements of universities. It can be synchronized conveniently, and the clocks set themselves to the precise time. The process gets carried out automatically and may be monitored remotely for user convenience. 


Things to focus on – Keep a note


Do you need to order a master clock for the university? It is critical to find the correct one that is convenient to set up. Know the critical features of the master clock that matter the most. Read on and know the crucial features of a master clock that matters significantly. 


  • Functionality – Synchronization among the master and slave clocks in a university is the ultimate functional quality to look for in the master clock. If the setup of the clock network with the sub-systems is convenient and accurate, you can ensure the best performance. 
  • Installation – Installing the master clocks to supervise and alter the existing slave clock setup needs to be hassle-free. Otherwise, it gets heavy on resources and may cause resource wastage as well. Hence, one needs to check compatibility carefully. 
  • Maintenance – Master clocks need time referencing, and the source of time may need to be altered. These are part of maintenance and are critical for all master clocks. Especially for universities, it is essential to get a solution that is convenient to maintain. 
  • Brand credibility – The master clock brands are not too many in number, but you must be careful in selecting the right one. Check the available options and review the brand to make the best choice. 
  • Upgrade options – Lastly, a university may need to expand the clock network. In such cases, the ease of updating the setup becomes a vital quality. Check the upgrade options and other virtual specifications of the master clock setup to pick the best. 


Get a world-class time solution for the university.


Ensure the best solution by connecting to a distributor that meets the needs. Get the ideal master clock for university and ease the essentials. 



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