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Presenting A Brief Outline For The Temperature Monitoring Solution For Data centers: DTSX

Presenting A Brief Outline For The Temperature Monitoring Solution For Data centers: DTSX  


Currently, optical fiber connections are the most popular choice for network establishment. The optical fibers in a network may be utilized as light sensors for measuring strain, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and other physical components as well. Hence, you can understand the versatile utility of the network and optical signals. Amidst all these uses, the utility of optical fibers and connection is most prominent and significant in industries concerned with data management. Especially in data centers and data distribution nodes, the use of optical fibers has been a game-changing phase. 


In the current times, one can monitor the wide-range temperature in long-distance networks and data center connections with the help of a DTSX fiber optic component with a distributed temperature sensor. 


The many utilities of DTSX


  • DTSX utilized the modern-day fiber optic sensor cable and components. It can conveniently control and accurately monitor temperature distribution. The range for monitoring is up to 50 km in the lengthways direction. All these are possible with real-time functioning. 
  • DTSX plays a significant part in fire breakout identification. In fact, it is also crucial for fire prevention and promotes the preventive maintenance and measures of the equipment. The best part is that identification and fire monitoring is possible over a wide area which was highly troublesome with the conventional thermocouples, resistance temperature detecting machines, or radiation thermometers. 
  • Besides these, DTSX assists with the requirements of health, safety, and environmental maintenance. Additionally, the maintenance of plants and other crucial social infrastructure, are also part of the coverage sphere of the distributed sensors. 


Features at a glance – Overviewing the monitoring ease.


Following are some of the crucial features of DTSX. However, one must note that the specs are heavily dependent on external conditions. 


  • The monitoring distance of the DTSX is around 50 km.
  • The range of temperature for monitoring is around 200 to 300 °C.
  • The shortest monitoring cycle can be for a span of 5 seconds with a temperature resolution being 0.03 °C.


The economic advantage – DTSX benefits


Large-scale infrastructure failure can generate massive losses. If you can get an idea about the risks, the damage can get restricted. The loss is not only for the customers, it is a negative impact on the revenue chain as well. The social loss alongside the economic loss from fire accidents in areas with severely high temperatures is truly impactful in the worst possible way. With the DTSX sensors, it is now feasible to combat economic loss by getting prior notification. 


An excellent way for long-term equipment management


Besides the economic angle, the reason DTSX sensors have made it into the good books for the equipment management aspect. Frequent damages cause frequent maintenance and service for the equipment pieces. With the conveyor rollers for abnormality monitoring, it is possible to recognize the faults. So, the damage is preventable, making it easy on the budget. 


Certified and convenient solutions brought by DTSX 


Do you know the best part? The solutions brought by DTSX sensors for detection and risk management are certified. One can stay assured about the efficacy and efficiency of the sensor reports. The installation-ease makes it a favored choice. One does not need to spend thousands of dollars to put the DTSX sensors. It does not even need additional construction in the supply power area. 


Know the applications and compatibility


Here’s summing up the top applications of the DTSX sensors to ease the understanding process. The various types of DTSX models are apt for versatile uses. The application depends on the model and its specifications.


  1. For fire detection – Detecting fire breakout possibilities in the roads and railway tunnels is possible with the DTSX 1 model or fiber optic heat detector. It has a range of around 16 kilometers and follows the standard fire detection certification of EN54-22. It also helps in recognizing and monitoring the abnormal temperature rise in belt conveyor rollers, reaction furnaces, etc. The DTSX 1 model analyzes the temperature information and data with optimal accuracy with the fiber optic sensor cable and helps in high-temperature heat detection. 
  2. For equipment service – Equipment maintenance and service is a vital necessity and the DTSX 3000 model helps in successfully identifying the leaks. It is ideal for the pipelines and brings accurate reports. With this model, one can also accomplish condition monitoring of the power line in real time. The DTSX 3000 model has a range of around 50 kilometers. The DTSX 3000 is a distributed model for the temperature sensor, that was made to meet the needs of versatile temperature monitoring in a wider area. 
  3. For quality improvement – Besides maintenance, quality management and improvement are crucial pointers in the DTSX application list. One can find its use in the reaction furnace, confectionery tunnel furnace, etc. The compatible model is DTSX 200, with a range of around 6 kilometers. The DTSX 200 is an ideal choice for temperature measurement, in the case of medium-sized areas, and for cases where the distance of fiber optic sensor cables is comparatively short. 


Closing note – Reliable distributors make it easy.


Get these from a reliable distributor to ease your needs. Find certified sensors with credible solutions and ensure cost-effectiveness in the long run. 



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