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A remote fiber monitoring systems monitors your fiber network 24 x 7 and gives indication where there are events like fiber cuts and degradation this help to reduce the maintenance down time as the event can be pin pointed with the integration of GEO maps.


HoduCC :This is a Smart Omnichannel software which can integrate Voice, Email, Chat, Social media (Whatpp/Twitter/Instagram), SMS and video calls on one platform. This is applicable for all the service industries. It allows Centralization of the data and also gives multiple options to the customers to approach the customer care by different platforms as per their convenience and eliminates the call waiting time. The Supervisor of the customer care has the options to check the quality of service provided by the customer care and improve it if necessary. This software can be integrated with the already existing CRM. Available for a Call Center application as well. We offer Single tenant and Multitenant version of this solution for the Contact center and the call center applications.

HoduPBX : The VoIP PBX Software allows you to communicate with your branch offices all around the world with the support of a unified platform, while also authorizing people to reach you on your extension wherever you are. We offer Multi Tenant IP PBX software for Internet Service Providers (ISP), customized around their needs by offering unprecedented user interface, user experience and connectivity from office, through mobile and through a browser interface. Single Tenant version is also available for enterprise applications.


Network time protocol Improves the reliability, performance and safety of critical, remote and high-risk operations, even in GPS/GNSS denied environments. A synchronized clock system provides the same, exact time to all clocks in a building or campus for all the network elements.