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Omni Channel Contact Center Everything You Need To Know About It

Omni Channel Contact Center Everything You Need To Know About It


Superior customer services are the need of the hour! Omni channel contact centers help in achieving it for which more customers become loyal and keep coming back. It is a contact setup that allows the customers to access support services via communication channels whenever they necessitate. The communication happens live and through an agent that responds in real-time.


The customer service function incorporates a cloud-based and hosted contact center software application for handling customer queries. The customer can seamlessly use multiple channels of contact and switch between options, like –


  • Call
  • Chat
  • Text or SMS
  • Email, etc. 


Understanding in-depth with an example


To understand the fundamentals of the omni channel contact center, one has to understand the course of customer interaction. A customer may not always prefer following a linear way in connecting to a service. They can use multiple digital devices and platforms for communication like – mobile app, software applications, email, phone calls, SMS, etc. Providing a seamless experience across all mediums and platforms is essential. 


For instance, a customer initiated a chat session with an executive to describe an issue. After some time, they might want to connect to the executive through a phone call for the ease of describing the query over the call. An omni channel contact center makes the process easy. The customer can instantly opt-in for the phone call option and switch the communication modes. In fact, they do not even have to exit the chat to make the call. 


How is it distinct from multichannel?


The fundamental difference between a multichannel and omni channel contact center is the impeccability of the integration factor. In multichannel, switching between the contact medium is not simple, which is completely eliminated with the omni channel contact center. Also, the process of connecting through multichannel is complex. The way of resolving the issue is neither convenient nor efficient from the viewpoint of the customer. In fact, there are repetitive steps in the multichannel contact center that reduces the productivity and pace of customer interaction. 


Is omni channel a better choice?


Within a short span, the popularity and acceptance rate of the omni channel contact center has skyrocketed. The growth in the perception is incredible and proves the efficiency of the contact center. The seamless connectivity with a highly-satisfactory customer experience helps in resolving the queries in a swift span. Intelligent routing that facilitates linking information from multiple sources has simplified the process. 


Well-managed and integrated applications


The best part about the omni channel contact center is the interaction management in an integrated manner. With the help of new communication channels getting added to the contact center, integration is not an issue. The integration of several communication and interaction channels happens at the launch, bringing an optimal customer experience through omni channel contact. Integrations through APIs and pre-built setups ease the needs of the growing demands. 


Beneficial for businesses – Is it?


Mapping the customer journey to understand the customer’s perspective helps businesses bring a better offering to their consumers. It impacts the loyalty of the customer as well. The higher consumer retention rate is beneficial for businesses, making the omni channel contact center successful. The consistency of cross-platform interaction without any signs of inefficiency also creates brand goodwill. 


How does the contact center work?


Do you know how an omni channel contact center operates to bring efficient query resolution techniques? The ultimate objective of the contact process is to fetch a stable link between the support center and the customer. The support center or contact center agents offer services like attending inbound and outbound calls to collect the information. They verify it and provide solutions via emails or SMS, and across any digital platform the customer wants to access. The leading contact centers utilize VoIP software applications that blend interactive voice response (IVR), call screening, con-calls, video calls, etc. The use of social media is also getting popular with the omni channel contact procedures. All of these help in fetching the fastest query resolution experience for a customer, enabling a higher retention rate for businesses. 


Software applications that bring an effective solution


Technological advancement has enhanced the solutions for the omni channel contact center. HoduCC and HoduPBX are among the leading integrating solutions in software applications. HoduCC is a smart and new-age software allowing the integration of voice, chat, emails, video calls and even social media channels of communication. It is a one-platform solution and is applicable across all industries. The data centralization simplifies the convenience and reduces the waiting span. Another good thing about the software is you can add it to an existing CRM. The HoduPBX is a voice over internet protocol PBX that brings a seamless user interface. Single and multi-tenant versions are available with it, enhancing the connectivity to the next level. 


Summing up – Scope to flourish in future.


Software applications are evolving with new-age technological features. With growing time, the convenience will improve, and customers can experience an even better version.