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Optical Test Equipments

Sumitomo Type-72C+ Splicing machine:


This is the ruggedized splicing machine with the fastest splicing time of 5S and a heating time of 8S equipped with dual heaters which makes it the quickest in the world.
The Sumitomo TYPE-72C+ splicing machine is a high end core alignment splicer. The splicing time is 5s and heating time is 8s. With the Sumitomo TYPE-72C+ splicing machine Nano Tune technology you get an enhanced splicing experience. The average splice loss is 0.01dB and the machine is equipped with dual automatic independent ovens. If you would like to know the Sumitomo TYPE-72C+ splicing machine price or any other details, then we can support you. We can also provide certified training on Sumitomo TYPE-72C+ splicing machine.